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Package Design

Grabbing the eyeballs and attention of your customers in the competitive world of retail means that packaging design has become a very important strategic weapon.

How your brand and product is represented in a retail environment and on the shelves is something that the team at DekoRatio take great pride in.

From food and beverages to software and technology we develop packaging ideas for brands where it matters most – at the point of sale.


Sarolta Budai

account & projectmanager

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Jerusalem Artichoke brand, Budapest

INULINU mustards, ketchups and jams are made with Jerusalem Artichoke, which is famous for its richness of inulin, an essential component of every healthy diet.

We named the brand INULINU to make a playful reference to its main characteristic, its richness of inulin, and created the whole brand strategy and visual identity around the purpose of giving people a tasty way of consuming their daily dose of this essential nutrition.


Artisan Spice Brand

I Can Spice is based on one simple yet brilliant idea: let’s make cooking a new, exciting experience for everyone. They offer a zillion types of premium spices from all around the world and special mixes for spicing your coffee or even your beer.

We designed their brand indetity and packaging using lively coulours and playful patterns to match each of their spice categories.

Old Millers’

Gluten-free flour brand

Our aim was to create a timeless appearance for OLD MILLERS’ visual identity. The label’s layout represents traditionalism, inspired by old whiskey bottles. We used classy fonts and illustrations resembling old etching artworks. To emphasize the product’s high quality we decorated the packages with unique dry stamps.


Organic Tea Brand

We recreated this heart-to-heart feeling with soft pastell colors, a touch of gold and feminine illustrations. Every tea blend got a different color and style so you can easily find the one that suits your mood the best.